3D printing

Just a collection of bits and pieces I have built and designed.



D-Bot printer with a few tweaks: E3D Titan extruder, DC42 differential IR Z-probe, E3D BigBox heated bed, 24V power supply.


Not finished just yet!

Designed Parts

OpenRC 3RC Trike

A 3 wheeler modification to the OpenRC Truggy. Benefits include massively simplified drivertrain and less parts. Also a bit different!

Thingiverse link: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1671869

OpenRC FWD Car

Most RC cars have double wishbone or independent suspension and 4 wheel drive like high end real cars. I couldn't find any examples of RC cars with more 'real world' suspension and drivetrain arrangements so I set out to design one myself. This car has a rear beam with panhard rod arrangement, and will (eventually) have McPhearson strut front suspension with a traditional front wheel drive drivertrain.

Raspberry Pi Zero CCTV camera

After having my wallet stolen, and then a hire car booked in my name and collected from my house, I got paranoid. The CCTV unit is WiFi connected, using a Raspberry Pi Zero, NoIR camera, and a pair of 3W IR LEDs.